Intermediate(Italy) グループレッスン 中級クラス 日本語 Japanese 受講生の声


電話受付時間 10:00~18:00 (年末年始を除く)

日本語 Japanese Intermediate(Italy) グループレッスン 中級クラス


MALVINA さん  国籍:Italy

当校を選んだ理由はなんですか? How did you choose our school?

I chose Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin out of many others schools. One of the main reasons is because I was looking for a more small and focused environment to study, rather than a big school with many students. Moreover, they offer a home stay option I was really looking for.

学校のどんなところが好きですか? How do you like our school?
I am enjoying the school so much. The lessons are challenging but still fun and easy to follow, teachers are very kind and helpful as well as the whole staff is, they have been helping with any kind of problem me or my classmates have had. Moreover, the school is also super easy to reach from Shibuya station!

今まで受けた授業で好きなレッスンは何ですか? 理由を教えてください。
What is your favorite lesson? Tell us why you like the lesson?

My favourite lesson is the reading lesson. Besides personally like reading, the reading class allowed me to learn so much about Japan’s culture and trivia! We even read passages from Murakami Haruki and Yoshimoto Banana and I enjoyed them so much I even translated them on my own.

学校の感じはどうですか? Tell us anything about school facility, environment, class room, and etc…
The school is small and overall offering a familiar and cozy environment. Everyone knows each other and after a while it feels like we are all a big family.

未来の生徒さんに母国語でメッセージをお願いします。Please write something for future student in your native language.

Frequentare la Shibuya Gaigo ha decisamente cambiato il mio soggiorno in Giappone. Il suo ambiente familiare e lo staff e insegnanti preparati e disponibili mi ha permesso di acquisire un’autonomia e sicurezza notevoli, e non è da poco quando si sceglie di andare a vivere così lontani da casa. Le lezioni sono stimolanti e coinvolgenti, il che è soprattutto dovuto al fatto che i professori mi hanno trattata da pari a pari, creando così un rapporto di rispetto e collaborazione reciproci. Più si avvicina il momento della partenza, più vorrei restare e continuare a frequentare la Shibuya Gaigo!



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