FULL-TIME COURSE (student visa)

6 months 1 year
Application fee 20,000 yen
Admission fee 50,000 yen
Tuition 350,000 yen 680,000 yen
TOTAL 420,000 yen 750,000 yen

Text and materials
Level chart
Minna no Nihongo basic level I2,160 yen
Minna no Nihongo basic level II 2,700 yen
Minna no Nihongo intermediate level I 3,024 yen
Let's Learn upper-intermediate level 2,592 yen

Extracurricular activitiesat cost
Extracurricular activities
Homestay2,500 yen
per night with breakfast & supper
Handling charge
for homestay
10,800 yen