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Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin offers intensive Japanese course every summer with lessons based on your needs. Conversation course and JLPT course are a 30-hour curriculum. You can also sign up to activities and field trips to enjoy Japanese culture with classmates from around the world.

1. Conversation course
In this course, students will learn useful expressions to be used at various places from the everyday life: restaurant, shopping, social gathering, etc.

2. JLPT course
JLPT course is focusing on preparing for N1 and N2 exams. Through this short intensive course, students will work not only on their Japanese skills but also on how to build up confidence and conquer their own weakness.

Terms 10 days in August
Summer 2018 : Aug. 6 – Aug. 17
Levels 1. Conversation course:
Beginner / Elementary

2. JLPT course:
Preparation for proficiency test N1 & N2

Lesson hours

Mon-Fri 9:30-13:00

Conversation course & JLPT course N1 & N2:
30-hour class lesson (3h × 10days)
+ extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

Course fee

Conversation course & JLPT course
Admission fee Free
Tuition 64,800 yen
Text and materials At cost
TOTAL 64,800 yen + text and materials
Text and materials
Conversation course textbook Marugoto
Main textbook for beginner level:
Marugoto Nihon no kotoba to bunka Nyuumon A1 Katsudou
1,620 yen

textbook Shuuchuu Training
Main textbook for intermediate level:
Nihongo Shuuchuu Toreeningu
2,808 yen
JLPT course textbook for N1 textbook for N2
Main textbooks for both courses:
Pataan betsu tettei doriru nihongo nōryoku shiken N1/N2
2,376 yen per book

Supplementary textbooks for the first course:
Doriru & Doriru

speedmaster for N1 speedmaster for N2
Supplementary textbooks for the second course:
Nihongo nōryoku shiken mondai shū N1/N2 choukai supiidomasutaa
1,512 yen per book
Extracurricular activitiesat cost
Extracurricular activities
Homestay2,500 yen
per night with breakfast & supper
Handling charge
for homestay
10,800 yen

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Foreign student office
Address8-18 Sakuragaoka-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0031 JAPAN
From abroad:
From abroad:
Office hoursMon.-Fri.: 9:00-21:00
Sat.-Sun.: 9:00-17:00