Basic class (Italy) グループレッスン 初級クラス 日本語 Japanese 受講生の声


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日本語 Japanese Basic class (Italy) グループレッスン 初級クラス


VIRGINIA さん  国籍:Italy

当校を選んだ理由はなんですか? How did you choose our school?

I choose this school because my university in Italy ( Università Ca’Foscari) recommended it. I also have many friends from this university who came to Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin and told me that it was a beautiful experience to live.

学校のどんなところが好きですか? How do you like our school?
I like this school because they help you learn how to speak well and fluenty in Japanese. During the class, you have to speak a lot with your classmates and with the teachers and by doing so, you can learn a lot of useful words. Teachers are kind and really good and they will help you if you have any problem outside of the school too. In the end, I also like very much this school because of its international environment. For example, we are 8 students from 6 different countries in my class.

今まで受けた授業で好きなレッスンは何ですか? 理由を教えてください。
What is your favorite lesson? Tell us why you like the lesson?

My favorite lesson is the speaking lesson. I like it because our teacher always make us talking about different things and theaches us a lot of vocabulary. We always have fun in this class.

学校の感じはどうですか? Tell us anything about school facility, environment, class room, and etc…

The school is near Shibuya station so it is really handy. The staff members are also really kind and help you with any problem, even for thing outside of the school. I’m staying with a host family which the school found for me and I’m really happy about them, they treat me as part of their own family an teach me a lot of things about the Japanese traditions and daily life.The school also organise many events. I’ve been to an international party, a picnic and also to see a tea cerimony, I really enjoyed all these things!

未来の生徒さんに母国語でメッセージをお願いします。Please write something for future student in your native language.

Ciao mi chiamo Virginia, sono stata alla Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin per tre mesi, la scuola non è niente male, puntano molto sul parlare e sulla comprensione della lingua. é una scuola internazionale quindi si ha la possibilità di incontrare studenti da tutto il mondo e anche giapponesi che studiano altre lingue, inoltre organizzano un sacco di eventi divertenti ed interessanti. Io ho deciso di vivere con una famiglia ospitante e mi sono trovata benissimo, in questo modo si possono conoscere meglio le loro tradizioni e abitudini e poi si parla giapponese tutti i giorni, cosa che aiuta non poco a migliorare velocemente. Il Giappone è un paese bellissimo e Tokyo è una metropoli meravigliosa, ce n’è per tutti i gusti!! Vi consiglio caldamente questa scuola perchè per me è stata un’esperienza unica e fantastica.



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