Pre-intermediate (France) グループレッスン 初中級クラス 日本語 Japanese 受講生の声


電話受付時間 10:00~18:00 (年末年始を除く)

日本語 Japanese Pre-intermediate (France) グループレッスン 初中級クラス

日本語科 グループレッスン 初中級クラス(1年3ヶ月受講)

JULIEN.K さん  国籍:France

当校を選んだ理由はなんですか? How did you choose our school?

Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin is a school with a very peculiar yet unique style of teaching. The teaching policy is based on giving students communication skills through intensive speeches, allowing students to learn much faster, in a very friendly environment. The school has a very modern approach towards teaching, is not overcrowded, which allows students to be more relaxed and learn better.
To the students, the location of the school can be very important, and this one is very well surrounded. You will find “ Izakaya’s ” (traditional Japanese bars) surrounding the school, convenience stores all around, coffee shops, many other useful places, and is just minutes away from the nicest train station in the world.

学校のどんなところが好きですか? How do you like our school?
I never missed a class so far!
And you leave the school everyday with a smile on your face, knowing you learn so much, so quickly!

今まで受けた授業で好きなレッスンは何ですか? 理由を教えてください。
What is your favorite lesson? Tell us why you like the lesson?

The speech course is the one I would root for being the favorite of all.
Very interactive, so much fun and I believe it to be the most useful.
After taking the course for only one month, you realize how everything they teach you in class is useful when trying your new skills down the street.
When you pass by a convenience store, when you ask people for directions, or even when you walk in a bar and no one speaks English, some of those courses would make a very big difference in your daily experience here.

学校の感じはどうですか? Tell us anything about school facility, environment, class room, and etc…

The school is located 5 walking minutes from Hachiko Street Station (Shibuya St), it is on the 4th floor of a very modern building. The classes are usually composed of 8 to 12 students, which is perfect to be in a very convivial environment. You will find students from various nationalities and ages and just as it is very easy to meet people here and make so many friends, this establishment allows you to learn so much from both the language and the Japanese culture.
Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin is a school like any other, however in order to pass the classes, you will need to study!
All the teachers are so friendly and always smiling, they repeat the courses and the material so much that it eventually sinks in!
I strongly recommend this school to any student who is willing to move to Japan for a definite or indefinite period of time.
It’s a great place to be, and certainly an experience that is worth your time.

未来の生徒さんに母国語でメッセージをお願いします。Please write something for future student in your native language.

L’école se trouve à 5 minutes à pied de la station Hachiko (Shibuya St), au 4ème étage d’un bâtiment très moderne, les classes sont généralement composées de 8 à 12 étudiants, ce qui est parfait pour être dans une ambiance très conviviale. Vous trouverez des étudiants de différentes nationalités et d’âges et comme il est très facile de rencontrer des gens ici et de faire beaucoup d’amis, cet établissement vous permet d’apprendre beaucoup sur la langue et la culture japonaise. Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin est une école comme toutes les autres, mais pour passer les classes, vous aurez besoin d’étudier!
Tous les enseignants sont très chaleureux et toujours souriant, ils répètent les cours et le matériel, si bien qu’il finit par s’encrer dans votre cerveau! Je recommande fortement cette école à tout étudiant qui est prêt à aller au Japon pour une durée déterminée ou indéterminée.


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