Basic class (Sweden)グループレッスン 初級クラス 日本語 Japanese 受講生の声


電話受付時間 10:00~20:00 (年末年始を除く)

日本語 Japanese Basic class (Sweden)グループレッスン 初級クラス

日本語科 グループレッスン 初級クラス(6ヶ月受講)

Theresiaさん  国籍:Sweden


当校を選んだ理由はなんですか? How did you choose our school?
I was looking for a language school that was located in Shibuya, as it is my favourite place in Tokyo. I chose to study at Shibuya Language School because I had heard a lot of good things about it.

学校のどんなところが好きですか? How do you like our school?
It is a small school but I like the atmosphere of the school, everyone is friendly. I have been studying here for 6 months and I have made so many friends and my Japanese has improved a lot. The teachers are very supporting, they always want you to do well and help you out.

IMG_6866課外活動はどうでしたか? How was our extracurricular activities?
The extracurricular activities are really fun, I really recommend them. You can enjoy the activities with your classmates, but also with people from other classes. There’s always a good variety to chose from.

今まで受けた授業で好きなレッスンは何ですか? 理由も教えてください。 What is your favorite lesson?
I enjoyed studying kanji the most, it is not only fun but it is also very necessary for living in Japan. I want to continue to study kanji, for example I want to be able to read books in Japanese.

IMG_7134 未来の生徒さんにメッセージをお願いします。 Please write something for future student in your native language.
Jag rekommenderar denna skola om du är intresserad av att lära dig japanska, men samtidigt vill ha tid att uppleva saker i Tokyo eller i resten av Japan. Lektionerna är i en väldigt lugn takt och du får alltid hjälp om du känner dig osäker – oavsett om det gäller dina studier eller livet i Japan.


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