Basic class グループレッスン 初級クラス 日本語 Japanese 受講生の声


電話受付時間 10:00~20:00 (年末年始を除く)

日本語 Japanese Basic class グループレッスン 初級クラス



当校を選んだ理由はなんですか? How did you choose our school?
I visited a few schools, I found Shibuya Gaigo Gakuen to be more friendly atmosphere and relaxed attitude.

学校のどんなところが好きですか? How do you like our school?
I like it, I have been here for 2 years. The teachers get to know your good & bad points and work on them accordingly. All the teachers want you too do well.

2今まで受けた授業で好きなレッスンは何ですか? 理由を教えてください。 What is your favorite lesson?
Tell us why you like the lesson?Reading is my favorite lesson, I can re-read it till I understand it.

学校の感じはどうですか? Tell us anything about school facility, environment, class room, and etc…
The schools facility is good, reception staffs are very friendly they have helped me a few times.

2 未来の生徒さんにメッセージをお願いします。 Please write something for future student in your native language.
You will enjoy your stay in Tokyo. There are many interesting places and events you can go to. You will meet a lot of people from around the world.
Japanese language is hard to learn but be consistent, and you will improve.


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